In October I was traveling in Italy on a trip of a lifetime art adventure,  painting with other artists in Tuscany, Florence Cinque Terra and other beautiful towns and countrysides. Here are some of my works .  If i could paint the food i would its just as beautiful. I want to go back one day but these will keep me remembering.  Enjoy.

A kiss of Tuscan sun

oil on canvas 8x10

 fTuscan afternoon            
    oil on canvas 8x10a_tuscan_afternoon.htmla_tuscan_afternoon.htmla_tuscan_afternoon.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

morning light 

oil on canvas 8x10

A Tuscan road at noon

oil on canvas 8x10

village by the sea

oil on canvas 10x12

   Florentine Gold

oil on canvas 5x7

cinque terra laundry

oil on canvas 8x10

after the rains

oil on canvas 12x14



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